Hey folks! I have uploaded a recording of Londonderry Aire to SoundCloud.

This was more of a test than anything. We had all the equipment setup and I’ve always loved this song, so we knocked it out and the above is the result.

This was recorded in the forest of Idaho on a Yamaha CP88 using the Hamburg (Steinway) preset. The only effects were the on-board Reverb and a little compression/mastering in Logic Pro X on the MacBook Pro. You are hearing the CP88 in all its glory (great keyboard folks…I’m in love!).

Funny story: a looooong time ago, when the band Take 6 was just becoming famous, they had a concert at College Place, WA. We somehow showed up late and the ushers escorted us RIGHT TO THE FRONT ROW. Yeah…that was intense! Anyway…one of the Take 6 band members was an amazing piano player and he knocked out an arrangement of Londonderry Aire that blew my mind (his is much better than mine!). I was inspired from that and came up with my own arrangement.

YouTube video to follow (in fact, I’m going to dip my toes in Final Cut Pro here in a minute and see if I can figure out how to mix down 3 cameras and the audio. We shall see!

YouTube video:

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