YouTube video showing how to use Midiano to PLAY KEVIN’S STUFF SO YOU CAN SEE HOW I DID IT:

Hey folks. So yeah…I’m always “late to the party” and I kept seeing these really cool “visualization” of people playing piano out on YouTube and was scratching my head how they did it?

Well WONDER NO MORE. There is an amazing tool out there called “Midiano” which is a web based (but you can even download the app in Chrome and not have to be connected to the internetz) and it will play any MIDI file you feed it and it will then not only visualize the notes for you, but you can slow down the song and SEE how the person played it. Yeah…cool beans!

This all started when a “Frank Nention” wanted to learn to play “The Simple Life” (see: and you can see our discussion in the comments) and so, being the nice guy I am, I first created the Score/sheet music for it and then I stumbled upon the Midiano website.

  1. If you go to: and click the Start button, it will typically load a classical piece as a demo.
  2. If you then download the MIDI file for “The Simple Life” here, it will typically download to your Downloads folder.
  3. If you then go to the Midiano page again and click the Load MIDI button, and navigate to your Dowloads folder and choose TheSimpleLife_MIDI_Left_Right.mid, it will load into Midiano.
  4. Now click the Play button and prepare to be amazed!
  5. The notes will come flying down (blue are left hand and orange are right hand) and you’ll hear a little piano playing this song.
  6. Oh…it gets better, slow down the tempo (see screenshot below) and now you can follow along MUUUCH slower and see how the two hands fit together. Then you can speed back up when you’re more comfortable following along at a blistering pace!


Midiano website:

Here’s what it looks like with the notes streaming down:

But wait, there’s MORE!

You can make Midiano a “local” app (where you don’t need to be connected to the Internet) by simply going there: and following the instructions in the screenshot below.

All of Kevin’s MIDI files:

Acoustic Hymns Vol. 2

  1. Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus — | Score | MIDI File
  2. Wonderful Words of Life — | Score | MIDI File
  3. Have Thine Own Way — | Score | MIDI File
  4. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus — | Score | MIDI File
  5. Softly and Tenderly — | Score | MIDI File
  6. Jesus Paid it All — | Score | MIDI File
  7. Jesus the Very Thought of Thee — | Score | MIDI File
  8. God Will Take Care of You — | Score | MIDI File
  9. Be Still My Soul — | Score | MIDI File
  10. Sweet Hour of Prayer — | Score | MIDI File


  1. Silent Night — | Score | MIDI File
  2. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear — | Score | MIDI File
  3. O Come O Come Emmanuel — | Score | MIDI File
  4. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus — | Score | MIDI File
  5. There’s a Song in the Air — | Score | MIDI File
  6. What Child is This? — | Score | MIDI File
  7. O Little Town of Bethlehem — | Score | MIDI File
  8. Hark the Herald Angels Sing — | Score | MIDI File
  9. Away in a Manger — | Score | MIDI File
  10. He is Born (the Divine Christ Child) — | Score | MIDI File

Into the Green:

  1. Cat and Butterfly: 00:00 – Score
  2. Freedom Cry: 3:15 – Score
  3. Schedules: 4:48 – Score
  4. Into the Green: 6:29 – Score
  5. Chi Sai: 9:30 – Score
  6. Valley of Decision: 11:50 – Score
  7. Have You Heard the News? (Carol’s Song): 13:43 – Score
  8. The Lull: 15:50 – Score
  9. The Simple Life: 17:14 | Score | MIDI File (for use in Midiano: see the Midiano page!)
  10. Nu-Nu-Li: 19:07 – Score
  11. Forge Ahead: 22:55  – Score