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After finishing up Emmanuel (God With Us), I had enough standard hymns that I wanted to do to fill up three more albums.

I also did more research on reverbs and compressors within Logic Pro X (see Logic Pro X configuration at the bottom of this page). I stumbled across a GREAT reverb plug-in called Relab LX480 Essentials that emulates the fabulous Lexicon reverbs of yesteryear. After trying a few tracks from Acoustic Hymns Vol. 2 through the LX480 Essentials, I was hooked.

I ALSO did some research on all the built-in compressors within Logic Pro X and settled on the Studio VCA compressor with the settings shown below.

Hopefully these two changes brought the overall sound level up a bit and gave it a nice “room” (Relab) to sit in. I like the result so far, but in future albums, I’ll probably continue to seek even better sound.

Here’s a SoundCloud playlist so you can just play tracks right here if you want:

Here are the settings within Logic Pro X that I used for this album. Simple, yet effective I hope!