Tales from the Green Room

Tales from the Green Room

Update: 2018-02-26: removed Mancave Strut. Will be reworking this.


Yippeeeee! Finally starting work on a new solo piano album.

HUGE (yuuuuge) thanks to XLN Audio for producing an excellent piano library (Addictive Keys).

  1. Into the Green: Dreamy little piano “tone poem” that really represents (to me anyway), the tentative steps and surreal quiet of the green room.
  2. Happy Hippy Trail: The Happy Hippy Trail is a path (well worn, mind you) that, on the one hand, has purpose and direction and a general happy-go-lucky vibe to it. On the other hand, the trail is replete with meadows and glades where thoughtful introspection can occur (or one can simply enjoy the view, be content, and sort of fall into one’s “nothing-box”).
  3. In The Box: for some reason, this tune felt like someone in a box trying to get out (hey…I can’t keep tabs on how my brain works…it just does what it does?!).
  4. Mancave Strut: Was goofing around with a Steinway piano library on my Yamaha Tyros 5 and came up with this fusion funk tune. Check it out below! This track will be the last track on “Tales from the Green Room” so as not to interrupt the flow of solo piano (plus it acts as sort of a “bonus track”).