New Subscribers (this means YOU!)

ALRIGHTY!!! I just received word back from the WordPress folks and I now know what’s going on with my subscription to the blog thang.

So…turns out the ~400 subscribers are more a reflection of the Faceplant (er…Facebook) friends of mine than actual subscribers.

What that means is that I can safely say:

We’re open for business for anyone to subscribe to the blog here at!!

Just stick yer email addy in the box at the bottom of most pages (maybe go to the bottom of THIS post you are reading and it should be there) and you’ll get a confirmation email that you gotta complete and all that. BUT…it allows us to manage this here blog subscription thing muuuuuch easier *and* allows YOU to unsubscribe with a minimum of fuss and all of us can be happy either subscribing to the blog or UNsubscribing to the blog. I know how irritated I get when something I accidentally signed up for keeps bugging me and I CANNOT get out of it. That shouldn’t happen here (let’s hope).

I have the blog subscription thing working correctly (I’m pretty sure!) and you will get a simple email update whenever I submit a new blog post. I plan to hopefully be more communicative in 2018, especially about the progress of my music. It’s funny…I’m an IT developer by trade (for over 20 years now) and yet I haven’t had the time to FULLY understand this WordPress/blog subscription thing (which I could probably write the code myself…but would rather not!). Yeah…silly cobbler has children with no shoes…or something like that. IT developer guy can’t even get his WordPress blog subscription correctly setup…I’m so ashamed….

Since switching the house over to Apple products (which, again, will be an entirely separate post…hoo boy it’s been an interesting journey), coupled with all the other things that happened in 2017, my creativity seems to be soaring right now and I DEFINITELY want to take advantage of that!

I’ve basically already completely re-written everything on At My Old School in my head and plan to try to do it all in the Apple environment (either on the iMac (Logic Pro X) or on the mighty, but tiny iPad 5th Gen that AT&T was so nice to offer up to me for $99) OR on an iPhone X (more on THAT later as well). That $99 iPad was the single best musical investment I have made in a long time. Heh heh. It’s what “started the ball rolling” into the Apple camp.

I am also hot on the trail of a new solo piano album (or two!) and THIS time around, not only do I have ALL the tech ready and nailed down (and the grand piano libraries I will use are STELLAR!), but there’s that creativity thing being poured on me and there’s also just a general sense of happiness and calm in my life right now (knocking on wood!) which I think will really add to the warmth and overall “vibe” of the various solo piano albums I have planned.

Regarding the massive changes in the Selby tribe…isn’t it funny how, when we are blessed by something or someone in our life, we sometimes look fearfully/guiltily over our shoulders waiting for “the other shoe to drop” when, instead, we should just be basking in it and soaking it up. Yeah…I’m pretty two-faced about that whole thing. Not enough time to get into it…maybe in another post.

Alrighty…even though I caught you up a little in this post, I WILL post again with hopefully a bit of a timeline as to EXACTLY what things happened in 2017 to cause such emotional/spiritual/physical turmoil/joy/sadness/happiness (yeah…multiple emotions all in the same year…weird).

Until next time,