Test Post for all subscribers (I hope you know who you are cuz I sure don’t)…

Hey gang!

Sigh…you know how it is…I think “hey…let’s make it so folks can subscribe to my Blog and see how that works…”…and then I don’t post anything…hah…shame on me.

So this particular blog post is merely a test (namely for me to make sure it works correctly to one of my throwaway email addies). I’m noticing that 2 of the three email addies I used DID NOT WORK (didn’t get the confirmation). This suggests that there may be a bug lurking here and…because I now appear to have over 400 subscribers…I guess it’s time to take this here thing seriously.

But this blog post is *also* for YOU.

All 434 of you beautiful subscribers (sure…maybe some of you are bots…sorry…bots are people too…or are they?).

Anyway…this is to let you know that rather large changes have occurred in my life (many of them good, a few sad, and a few annoying) but that most likely the calendar year (CY for those in the know) 2018 will be a year of great things coming out of my little studio.

And “little” is exactly how to describe my current setup. Heck…maybe I’ll take a picture of it so YOU can see how little it is. I’m now relegated to a corner in an office in our new house.

But at the same time…I switched all technology in the house over to Apple products (that will probably entail an entire blog post) and so technically…I don’t need as much space.

In fact, I researched whether I could record/mix/master and produce my next solo piano album solely on an iPad 5th Generation device (that AT&T gave me for $99…HAH!). Not only CAN I do this, but I want to go even smaller and do it all on an iPhone X (which I should have in my hot little hands in a few weeks). Hoohah it’s a great time to be alive ain’t it?!

So yeah…heady, heady changes here folks.

Alright…enough…this was supposed to be a test.

I WILL say this: if all (or most) of you are real people…(and I’m almost gonna tear up here…for realz!), then I can only extend my hand of friendship and get a lump in my throat as I say that I am truly honored that you would even take the time to subscribe to this silly thing here on kevinselby.com. I’m going to beg you to be patient as “the dust settles” on our new house and new life. Don’t worry…I will explain everything (in fact, I’m often accused of explaining TOO MUCH…yeah…crazy isn’t it?).

Okay…bye for now…but I will be back!


(oh…and get used to me signing my missives with simply: K. It’s who I’ve become)…don’t read into this…I’m just lazy…