Two new solo piano tunes for Tales from the Green Room

Been busy people…been busy. I take “breaks” from random housework and I sit down at my master keyboard controller (Casio CDP-120) with XLN Audio’s Addictive Keys (with a custom Steinway grand piano patch that I designed) and I “dream out loud” with solo piano.

Two new tunes:

Happy Hippy Trail: The Happy Hippy Trail is a path (well worn, mind you) that, on the one hand, has purpose and direction and a general happy-go-lucky vibe to it. On the other hand, the trail is replete with meadows and glades where thoughtful introspection can occur (or one can simply enjoy the view, be content, and sort of fall into one’s “nothing-box”).

In The Box: for some reason, this tune felt like someone in a box trying to get out (hey…I can’t keep tabs on how my brain works…it just does what it does?!).

Head over to the Tales from the Green Room page and check ’em out!

The plan is for ~10 songs and then she’s done! Let’s hope for the best…shall we?!!