2016-09-16 Live at Walter Clore (Prosser, WA)

Hey folks…here’s a little gig recording from a duo gig with Phil Lynch over at Walter Clore Center in Prosser, WA.


While there are certainly some “rough” spots (we were told about a week before the gig that we had to perform instrumental songs so the mad rush to learn/practice a bunch of this stuff before the gig), nonetheless, Mr. Lynch and Mr. Selby certainly have some “musical conversations” that are interesting.

We seemed to enjoy taking a simple song (say, Chitlins Con Carne (originally written by Kenny Burrell)) and we played it various ways during its entire 10 minutes of play time (heh heh).

Other instrumentals had similar treatments.

Who knows…if we could somehow find a market for our little instrumental duo, perhaps we could do more Phil on solo guitar, Kevin on solo piano, and then perhaps some Phil/Guitar and Kevin/Keyboard (no drums or bass or whatever??) on certain things (just thinking out loud here!). Somehow gotta keep playing occasionally with this dude (Phil-ster).

Until next time,


Tasty Kitten

Tasty Kitten

Sigh….if there was one picture that summed up my love for all things “kitty”, it would be this one.

My wonderful wife discovered an app on her android phone that “cartoonizes” photos. So she began texting me cartoons of our favorite pics.

This is “Bear” (aka: Tasty Kitten | aka: Tasty Face | aka: kitty-who-is-my-purpose-for-living).

Long drawn out story concerning her birth/early years/current life, starts here: Continue reading “Tasty Kitten”