Stopped using FB today…

Actually…it was about 5 days ago.

Sigh. It’s really a struggle with today’s “social media”. I guess I got to the point where it seemed like every time I went to FB, all the “stuff” (“news”, posts from all the folks in my circle, etc.) were telling me who to hate that day. Very negative. And when I look at this horrendous political climate and the fact that it seems we are led by psychopaths and sociopaths, well…it’s only going to get worse as we head down to November 2016 (may God help us!).

So I quit.

And I gotta say…it’s kind of nice! I certainly don’t miss it. Now sure…if I were to release a new album tomorrow…would I worry that I didn’t have the outreach of FB to trumpet to the masses the new album? Hmmm…maybe…but then again…nobody really cares about a hobbyist’s music anyway…so it’s not like I’m losing major market share here! Heh heh.

So yeah…I think I’ll stay out for awhile. Who knows…I may end up not hating anyone for awhile…